ISTAR produce superb quality 2inch enhanced dielectric diagonals and will shortly be manufacturing in-house designed correctors for field flattening and colour correction of refractors and schmidt-cassegrain systems.
Diagonals are machined from solid aircraft grade magnesium alloy stock and have 12mm thick 1/10th wave dielectric coated mirror.  Price £99.
Also available are superb quality tube rings and dovetail bars, prices from £265 and £45 respectively - again machined from solid aircraft grade magnesium alloy stock, not cheap castings.
Please refer to the Peak2Valley Instruments website for details of focuser options, including Moonlite, Starlight Feathertouch, Baader steel track, and Istar's own Crayford style focuser (shown below right) and most other commercial focusers. 
2 Diagonal Glass AD                              istar pro dovetail                            focuseranddiagonal

     2" Dielectric diagonal                                       Pro style dovetail                             Istar 2" steel track focuser


Please note that prices on Istar Optical website are ex-works and do not include shipping and VAT.

Our prices include delivery and 20% VAT.

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