Lens Prices - subject to confirmation at time of order due to currency fluctuations

Availability - please note that all lenses listed are not routinely in stock, small batches being made on a demand basis. This means that lead/delivery times will vary and you should contact us for confirmation. Subject to order status, we may require a 50% deposit.

All ISTAR achromatic doublets and apochromatic doublets and triplets are available for clients wishing to upgrade their existing refractor or build a new instrument.  Lenses are mounted in a CNC machined cell and fully adjustable push-pull counter cells are available at extra cost.


Achromats:  Hand figured doublets in push-pull cell. Broadband multilayer film (yellow). Average Strehl ratio above 0.9 (>F7)

For commercial reasons, only 150mm plus aperture lenses in the following focal ratios will be offered. 

Smaller apertures and alternative focal ratios may be available to special order, please enquire.




    Prices from 
 127mm  F8 575
150mm F5 , F8, F10  775
204mm  F5.9, F8.8  2150
220mm  F15  PV6  3295
220mm  F15  PV4  2700
228mm F7.7 3015

lens 150 F12

150/F12 Achromat in cell 

Anastigmats: R30/R35 designs provide reduction in chromatic aberration and image spot size,eg R30 gives 30% reduction and performs in a similar way to an achromat of 30% longer focal length.


127mm F12          R30                     875

150mm F5        R50               1125

180mm F8        R35               2074         

204mm F8        R35         currently unavailable

250mm F11      R30               5850

250mm F20      R30               6660


H-alpha solar doublets: Istar are the only manufacturers of Hydrogaen-alpha 'tuned' doublets. These provide finer detailed solar images

and are favoured by dedicated solar observers. However, they also perform admirably on night sky objects so you don't particularly

need more than one telescope. Images on the main Istar US website illustrate this point - http://www.istar-optical.com/astro-images.html


150mm F10    Ha         currently unavailable

228mm F9      Ha             4925

250mm F10    Ha            10510



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