ISTAR OPTICAL produce an extensive range of exciting refractors in achromat and anastigmat formats - ultra high quality lenses  at down to earth prices.
Tube Assemblies - all prices subject to confirmation at time of order due to currency fluctuations
All ISTAR OTAs use aircraft grade magnesium alloy tubing, providing strong and very rigid support. The fully baffled tubes are powder coated for durability, and come with a lens cap. Dewshields now are retractable with a bayonet locking system.
The fully adjustable push-pull lens cells and other tube fittings are CNC machined from titanium magnesium alloy, with either a polished natural finish or anodised with colour dependant on product type.
ares wfx 150-5 r35_03
Note that all prices now include William Optics dual speed rack and pinion 2" focuser.
However, a choice of focusers is offered - Moonlite, Starlight Feather Touch, or Baader SteelTrack, all in 2inch fitting.
Finder units are optional extras, and we would recommend the Teleskop Services, APM range or brand of your choice. The Moonlight focuser comes with finder dovetails as standard, otherwise finders would be fitted directly to the main tube.

Anastigmatic lens options - Rx technology

This optical arrangement yields near apochromatic performance but with the major benefits of lower lens weight and faster cool down time than triplets - and considerable cost savings.


The innovative TCR range - lightweight skeleton tubed refractors unique to Istar Optical.
05 perseus tcr 150-12         
Now in production, these radical design OTAs offer all the benefits of Istar's superb engineering and optics, including Rx technology, in a lightweight package - almost 50% less weight giving easier handling and lesser mount capacity requirements.

The TCR Range 

2 element Fraunhofer achromatic or R30/R35 Anastigmatic OTAs:         


Prices from


TCR 150 -12   R35 Asteria 2315
TCR 204 - 8 R35 Asteria 3515
TCR 204 - 12 R35 Asteria 3695








Achromats - Perseus Range

2 element Fraunhofer achromatic OTA

AT - complete with fixed dewshield, WO DDG dual speed 2" rack and pinion focuser, black texture finish  

AXT - with sliding dewshield, WO zero shift dual speed 2" rack and pinion focuser, fast lock mounting rings, white textured finish                                     


Prices from


AT150-8   150mm F8      


AT150-10  150mm F10


AT204-9   204mm  F9 3045
AXT150-8  150mm F8              1775
AXT150-10  150mm F10               1895

Istar 150F10

150/F10 Achromatic OTA



Anastigmatic Asteria Range


Prices from 


 AT127 - 12  R30 127mm aperture F12 1755
AT150 - 8    R35 150mm  aperture F8 1965
 AXT150 - 8  R35  150mm aperture F8   1995







Achromats - Phoenix Range

2 element achromatic comet hunters

WFT - same specification as AT range

WXT - same specification as AXT range, but  WXT 204-6 LT has optional WO 3.5" focuser


Prices from


WFT150-5 150mm aperture F5 1395
WFT204-6 204mm aperture F5.9 3275
WXT204-6LT          204mm aperture        F6      3315
                                                                   3425    - with 3.5" WO focuser

See the review by Neil English in December 2014 Sky at Night magazine of the WXT 204-6 LT
Specification :  204mm achromat, f5.9, 1220mm focal length.  Fully baffled OTA with retractable dewshield weighs 12 kilos.
Supplied with CNC tube rings and William Optics dual speed rack and pinion focuser as standard - any focuser may be specified at additional cost.
" ..the rich field obsever's dream ticket..."  " ...I trained the instrument on delta Cygni and was impressed to have glimpsed the companion."
" ... I was deeply impressed to fit the entire Pleiades cluster into the field of view!"   Neil's review is very complementary on all counts.
The WXT 204-6 LT is priced at £3225 with William Optics 2inch focuser and £3325 for the 3.5inch option.


Astrograph Range

New models under development



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Our prices include 20% VAT.